Presale Service
We serve customers with a faithful smile. Salesmen introduce the detailed products information to customers, including the product model, function, feature and other related information.

Promotion Materials, Marketing Strategy, Partner relationship.

In Service
First, offer customers operation manuals and parts catalogues, then introduce the right operation and maintenance methods to customers; finally, provide customers with feedback sheets to track and serve them and collect customers' suggestions as well.
Production Situation Update, Shipment Coordination.

After-sale Service
Once a quality problem occurs during the usage, we are available on line to make consults or turn to the sales personnel directly; we will reply as soon as possible and will try our best to give our customers a satisfying solution.

Quality Feedback, Application Development

Main Products
    1. Peripheral Pump The SKF, SQB and SQP series peripheral pump is suitable to use with non-aggressive chemical materials. It has simple construction, is it economical, reliable and safe. It is widely used for household and ...
    1. Water Booster SetThis water booster set is suitable for domestic use, small installations for civil, industrial, and agricultural application, horizontal or vertical mounting are available based on application site requirement. ...