We combine over 10 years of cast iron metal experience with the finest materials and latest technology to assure that all of our castings meet or exceed (international specification) customer expectation.

Over the years we have established a reputation for the high standard of customer care, we endeavor to produce the high quality castings at reasonable prices and finely tuned for delivering on time.

This division caters requirements of castings to the group of companies involved in manufacturing pumps, motors, valves and other products. The castings are machined using in house CNC and subcontractors facilities. Foundry division is equipped with latest manufacturing processes and testing system to meet demanding challenges of this new advanced market. Our aim is to supply conforming products to customers always on time.

Every casting is "engineered" according to the design and specification for a particular requirement and application.
We are specialized in close tolerance with low shrinkage; this means less machining requirements saving time and money in the whole project.

Some Cast Iron product samples here

Main Products
    1. Jet Pump The most remarkable character of the jet pump is a Venturi system in its pump body. It achieves self-priming function by using Venturi system in its chamber as well. The total fluid produced by its centrifugal ...
    1. Centrifugal PumpThe centrifugal pump is an electric pump, suitable to pump clean water and liquids which are neither mechanically nor chemically aggressive for the pump components. It's reliable and easy to use, ...