Swimming Pool Pump

Swimming Pool Pump
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The swimming pool pump is self-priming centrifugal with a cleanable filter behind its entrance; particularly design for swimming pool water. With this system, you will eliminate the inconvenience of changing water often; cleaning the filter will remove dirt from the water keeping it fresh and uncontaminated, also used for circulation system of sauna or spa.

Fixed strainer baskets will also firmly placed, without floating or moving around and their cover can be open or close easily. A clear full-view strainer cover will let you see when the basket needs cleaning. Special design seal in impeller insulate all the motor's metal parts from water and it provides double insulation for extra safety. Built-in thermal overload shield to keep the motor protected from overheating.
SBP series spa bath water pump is a compact hydromassage unit recycling and filtering water. SFP series swimming pool pump is a recycling and filtering water unit.

Performance Range
Flow rate up to 600l/min
Head up to 19m

Limits of Use
Max ambient temperature up to 40℃
Max fluid temperature up to 40℃
Max pressure up to 8 bar


Material Data

No. Description No. Description No. Description No. Description
1 Pump Body 7 Impeller 13 Stator 19 Fan
2 Bleed Screw 8 M/seal 14 Capacitor Box 20 End Plate
3 Coupling 9 Connector 15 Capacitor Cover 21 Pump Base
4 Filter Screen 10 Top plate 16 Capacitor 22 Base
5 Transparent cover 11 Bearing 17 Cable
6 Diffuser 12 Rotor 18 Fan cover

Material Data

No. Description No. Description No. Description No. Description
1 Pump Body 7 Diffuser 13 Capacitor Cover 19 Base
2 Bleed Screw 8 Impeller 14 Capacitor Box 20 Support Foot
3 Coupling 9 M/seal 15 Stator 21 Rotor
4 Transparent cover 10 Plate 16 End plate
5 Bolt 11 Connector 17 Fan
6 Nut 12 Capacitor 18 Fan cover

As a swimming pool pump manufacturer in China, we also provide booster pump, submersible pump, multistage pump and centrifugal pump among others.

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