SXR12 Circulator Pump

SXR12 Circulator Pump
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The SXR12 circulator pump is suitable to heat water according to VD12035 standard or even to heat water/glycol mixtures with a maximum mixing ratio of 1:1. It has flow switch automatically control with screwed end single head pump. The SXR12 circulator pump must be placed in horizontal position.

Limits of Use of SXR12 Circulator Pump
Min-Max fluid temperature -10℃ / 90℃
Max pressure up to 6 bar
Max ambient temperature up to 40℃

Structure Features of SXR12 Circulator Pump
Pump body: Cast iron body, 160mm port-to-port
Mains power: 1-230v, 50Hz
Insulation Class: F
Protection: IP44
Impeller: PP
Shaft and bearings: ceramic
Non-overloading single phase motor

Performance Chart and Installation Dimensions SXR12/9G Circulator Pump Performance Chart

Series SXR12

Pump Model Power (W) Max. Flow (L/MIN) Max. Head (M) Inlet/Outlet size (Inch) NW (KG)
SXR12/9G 105 23 23 3/4" 2.4

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