Wastewater and Sewage Water Pump

    1. Submersible Pump The submersible pump includes drainage pumps and sewage pumps, most familiar between residential clients, but can be used for other applications such as water wells, fountains and boreholes. It works protecting its motor from the liquid being pumped; usually, the motors are placed in a water tight compartment filled with oil, and most of them are electric, either running on alternating current or direct current.

    1. Garden PumpThe SGC/SGS series garden pump is appropriate to pump clean water. It is particularly suitable for domestic applications such as water wells or pools, the automatic distribution of water, gardening or increasing pressure water. The garden pump is compact and portable; it comes with cable, plug and switch. You can select the right model according to the performance curve.

Stream is a primary wastewater and sewage water pump manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including submersible pump, garden pump, multistage pump, centrifugal pump, and others.

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Other Products
    1. 4LL Water Well PumpIt's important to note, before installing the 4LL water well pump verify that all pipes (iron, plastic or rubber) are clean inside to avoid any obstruction to the ejector nozzle. At the foot of the ejector must be installed ...
    1. Booster PumpThe auto booster pump series are build-up with centrifugal or self-priming electropump. The set comes ready for installation with pre-rated and adjustable pressure switch, pressure gauge, connector ...