Residential Pump

    1. Peripheral Pump The SKF, SQB and SQP series peripheral pump is suitable to use with non-aggressive chemical materials. It has simple construction, is it economical, reliable and safe. It is widely used for household and domestic applications such as water supply from wells and pools, pressure boosting, gardens, washing booths and other functions.

    1. Centrifugal PumpThe centrifugal pump is an electric pump, suitable to pump clean water and liquids which are neither mechanically nor chemically aggressive for the pump components. It's reliable and easy to use, especially in domestic and civil sectors, in particular for water distribution in combination with small or medium pressure sets, to transfer fluids in general, irrigating gardens, etc.
    1. Garden Water PumpThe SGC/SGS series garden water pump is appropriate to pump clean water. It is particularly suitable for domestic applications such as water wells or pools, the automatic distribution of water, gardening or increasing pressure water. The garden water pump is compact and portable; it comes with cable, plug and switch. You can select the right model according to the performance curve.
    1. Booster PumpThe auto booster pump series are build-up with centrifugal or self-priming electropump. The set comes ready for installation with pre-rated and adjustable pressure switch, pressure gauge, connector and cable with plug. The booster pump has a flexible hose with stainless steel sheath upon requirement. Each set has different specifications and performances according to each model, tank capacity and pressure switch rating.

As a professional residential pump manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide peripheral pump, centrifugal pump, booster pump, garden water pump and much more.

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