Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump
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The centrifugal pump is an electric pump, suitable to pump clean water and liquids which are neither mechanically nor chemically aggressive for the pump components. It's reliable and easy to use, especially in domestic and civil sectors, in particular for water distribution in combination with small or medium pressure sets, to transfer fluids in general, irrigating gardens, etc.

The centrifugal pump has cast iron pump body, bracket and ejector assembled with impeller in Noryl reinforced with fibreglass (GFN2V), although, it can be made of brass. It has insulation class F and IP44 protection. The standard supply comes with 230V-50HZ up to 2.2KW single-phase with built-in thermal protection. The maximum temperature of fluid flowing must be 50ºC and its maximum working pressure should be 10 bar.

SCM2 series come with two back-to-back impellers centrifugal pumps, are developed for higher head valve than single impeller pumps and have high outputs. They are suitable for pressure boosting washing systems, cooling and fire-fighting units, industrial water supplying, horticultural and agricultural irrigating applications, civil and domestic water transfer schemes, boiler, chiller and refrigeration systems.

The SCM2 series centrifugal pumps must be installed in enclosed places or protected against irregular weather.

Performance Range of the Centrifugal Pump
Flow rate up to 1200 l/min
Head up to 90m

Limits of Use of the Centrifugal Pump
Max ambient temperature up to 40℃
Max fluid temperature up to 80℃
Max pressure up to 10 bar

Structure Features of Centrifugal Pump
Pump Body: cast iron
Motor Housing: aluminum
Shaft: 45#steel/stainless steel
Impeller: brass Noryl
Motor: closed, externally ventilated
Insulation Class: B/F
Protection Class: IP44/IP54
Duty: continuously rated
Mechanical Steel: ceramic metallized carbon


As a professional centrifugal pump manufacturer in China, our company also provides garden water pump, booster pump, circulator pump, and multistage pump, among others.

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