Peripheral Pump

Peripheral Pump
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The SKF, SQB and SQP series peripheral pump is suitable to use with non-aggressive chemical materials. It has simple construction, is it economical, reliable and safe. It is widely used for household and domestic applications such as water supply from wells and pools, pressure boosting, gardens, washing booths and other functions.

The peripheral pump must be installed in enclosed places or protected against inclement weather. It is suitable for applications requiring high pressures with moderate capacity and output.

The peripheral pump has cast iron body and bracket, stamped brass alloy impeller, carbon steel or stainless steel shaft with ceramic-graphite mechanical seal. It encloses self-ventilated induction electric motor and insulation class F; IP44 protection. The standard supply comes with 230V-50HZ for single phase with built-in thermal protection. Other voltages and frequencies are available upon request.

Performance Range of the Peripheral Pump
Flow rate up to 80l/min
Head up to 100m

Limits of Use of the Peripheral Pump
Max ambient temperature up to 40ºC
Max fluid temperature up to 80ºC
Max pressure up to 10 bar

Structure Features of the Peripheral Pump
Pump Body: cast iron
Motor Housing: aluminum
Shaft: 45 steel/stainless steel
Impeller: brass
Motor: closed, externally ventilated
Insulation Class: B/F
Protection Class: IP44/IP54
Duty: continuously rated
Mechanical Steel: ceramic steatite/metallized carbon


Our company is a specialized peripheral pump manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including centrifugal pump, jet pump, multistage pump, submersible pump and others.

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