Jet Pump

Jet Pump
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The most remarkable character of the jet pump is a Venturi system in its pump body. It achieves self-priming function by using Venturi system in its chamber as well. The total fluid produced by its centrifugal impeller is sent only partly to the delivery outline, the rest is circulated and jet it through the nozzle in its Venturi system, this speed flow leads the water in suction chamber and generates the necessary vacuum to self-prime the pump.

The change of jet pump power needing is smooth while the head change from lowest to highest smoothly making more reliable to use. Its construction is simple and easy to maintain, suitable for gardening, water supply, increase water pressure and other applications, designed to pump clean water or other non-aggressive fluids. It is usually combined with a pressure switch and a surge tank to be used as a domestic water system for distributing water.

The self-priming jet pump is suitable for suction in 8-9 m depth, specifically water with air and/or gas. The maximum temperature of fluid flowing must be 50ºC and its maximum working pressure should be 10 bar. The jet pump must be installed in enclosed places or protected against inclement weather. A check valve with a filter in its suction-end must be installed. It has one year warranty.

Range of Performance of Jet Pump
Flow rate up to 100l/min
Head up to 55m

Limits of Use of Jet Pump
Max ambient temperature up to 40℃
Max fluid temperature up to 40℃
Max pressure up to 10 bar

Motor of Jet Pump
The jet pump is attached with induction motor directly and it has two poles with a speed of 2800r/min. It has insulation class B with class F available on request and protection degree IP44 with IP 54 optional as well. Its standard power source has a voltage of 220V 50Hz for single phase with less than 2.2kW and 110V, 115V, 127V, 60Hz for single phase with less than 1.5kW. It has dual-voltage 110/220V 60HZ for power less than 1.5 kW. All models of jet pumps are available in three phase.

Materials of Jet Pump
The jet pump case and the motor front cover are made of cast iron. Its impeller is plastic Noryl or it can be brass upon request while the motor casing is made of aluminum alloy. Its shaft can be 45 steel or stainless steel on request. The jet pump rotary face is made of carbon while the stationary face can be ceramic or silicon carbide on request.

Structure Features of Jet Pump
Pump Body: cast iron/plastic/stainless steel
Motor Housing: aluminum
Shaft: 45 steel/stainless steel
Impeller: brass/plastic
Motor: closed, externally ventilated
Insulation Class: B/F
Protection Class: IP44/IP54
Duty: continuously rated
Mechanical Steel: ceramic steatite/ metallized carbon


Material Data for the Jet Pump

No. Description
1. Drain Plug
2. Pump Body
3. Filling Plug
4. Plug for Preset
5. O-R Gasket
6. Nozzle
7. Venturi Tube
8. Diffuser
9. Stop
10. Impeller
11. M. Seal
12. O-R Gasket
13. O-R Gasket
14. Screw
15. M. Seal Disc Holder
16. Splash Guard
17. Ball Bearing
18. Shaft and Rotor
19. Motor Casing
20. Capacitor
21. Terminal Box
22. Ball Bearing
23. Capacitor Holder
24. Ball Bearing
25. Adjusting Ring
26. Motor Cover
27. Fan+Fan Cover
28. Motor Rod
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