Industrial Pump

    1. Close Coupled Centrifugal PumpSCA series close coupled centrifugal pump with single impeller is manufactured according to European standards En733. SCA series has quite a few choices, despite different performances curves is possible to make the right choice of the optimal model following specific demands for several fields like water supply for daily life users, industrial applications and general water plants projects, water supply, spray irrigation, pressure sets, heating or air-conditioning plants and any other use.

    1. Horizontal Centrifugal PumpHorizontal centrifugal pump suitable for applications requiring high capacities with moderate flow; this pump is a single-stage with single-suction centrifugal pump in line with ISO2858-77 quality standard. Its main components are made with advanced technology and process for high precision, smooth surface, high efficiency, low noise, little vibration and it's lightweight. The centrifugal pump is widely applied in petrochemical, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, electric power, textile and environmental protection industries, ...
    1. Single Stage Centrifugal PumpThe SXA series centrifugal pump is suitable for applications requiring high capacities with moderate flow; this pump has been made with single-stage and single-suction under Din24255 standard quality. It's used to pump clean water or liquids with chemical or physical characteristics similar to water, applicable for plants, mine, city water supply, air-conditioning, firefighting system and irrigation.
      The pump body and impeller are cast iron; its shaft is made of high tensile steel with a ...
    1. Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

      The Stainless steel centrifugal pump can be used for pumping clean materials which are non-aggressive to stainless steel 304 or 316L. The pump casing, back-cover, impeller and pump shaft are in AISI 304 or AISI 316L steel, with aluminium casing motor and motor bracket made with NBR/ceramic/carbon graphite mechanical seal. It works with a maximum pressure 8 bar and flowing temperature from -15ºC to 80ºC. It has a suction port size of G1.25ll, G1.5ll and its discharge port size is G1ll.

The industrial pump has a body made of iron with flanged suction, it's delivered and supplied with threaded counter flanged. Its shaft is made of stainless steel, impeller is made of cast iron and its bracket material upon request, even for a brass impeller for any model.

The industrial pump has two-pole motor with self- ventilated induction; it has insulation class B/F and protection class IP55 with continuous-duty rating, its mechanical steel tube is made of ceramic steatite. All pumps are available in the three-phase version: 230V/400V; 50HZ or 400/690V-50HZ for rating higher than or equal to 5.5 KW.

Performance Range of Industrial Pump
Flow rate up to 80l/min
Head up to 100m

Limits of Use of Industrial Pump
Max fluid temperature up to 90℃
Max working pressure up to 10 bar

As a China industrial pump manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer centrifugal pump, submersible pump, booster pump, multistage pump and many others.

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    1. 2LL Water Well Pump The 2LL water well pump is a self-priming jet pump suitable for suction into 50 m depth. It has cast iron pump body, bracket and ejector assembled with impeller in Noryl reinforced with fibreglass (GFN2V), ...
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