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Water Pump Manufacturer in China
Submersible Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Jet Pump, Peripheral Pump, Booster Pump, Multistage Pump

Water Pump Manufacturer in China

Tianjin Elecmotor Company (Stream) is a water pump manufacturer in China. We provide customers with a wide range of products that include industrial pump, jet pump, submersible pump, circulation pump, multistage pump, booster pump, as well as other pumps and related castings. Our pumps perform reliably when moving or transferring a multitude of fluids, including clean water, domestic sewage, industrial circulating fluid, municipal wastewater, and other liquids. They are commonly used for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

    1. Industrial Pump
    2. Industrial PumpThe industrial pump has two-pole motor with self- ventilated induction; it has insulation class B/F and protection class IP55 with continuous-duty rating, its mechanical steel tube is made of ceramic steatite.
    1. Jet Pump
    2. Jet Pump The most remarkable character of the jet pump is a Venturi system in its pump body. It achieves self-priming function by using Venturi system in its chamber as well. The total fluid produced by its centrifugal ...
    1. Peripheral Pump
    2. Peripheral Pump The SKF, SQB and SQP series peripheral pump is suitable to use with non-aggressive chemical materials. It has simple construction, is it economical, reliable and safe. It is widely used for household and ...
    1. Centrifugal Pump
    2. Centrifugal PumpThe centrifugal pump is an electric pump, suitable to pump clean water and liquids which are neither mechanically nor chemically aggressive for the pump components. It's reliable and easy to use, ...
    1. Garden Water Pump
    2. Garden Water PumpThe SGC/SGS series garden water pump is appropriate to pump clean water. It is particularly suitable for domestic applications such as water wells or pools, the automatic distribution of water, gardening or ...
    1. Booster Pump
    2. Booster PumpThe auto booster pump series are build-up with centrifugal or self-priming electropump. The set comes ready for installation with pre-rated and adjustable pressure switch, pressure gauge, connector ...
    1. Multistage Pump
    2. Multistage PumpThe multistage pump has some advantages, it needs less space to work with a high efficiency, it has stylish appearance, is lightweight and it operates with low noise. It's widely use in water supply ...
    1. Water Booster Set
    2. Water Booster SetThis water booster set is suitable for domestic use, small installations for civil, industrial, and agricultural application, horizontal or vertical mounting are available based on application site requirement. ...

At Stream, the high quality and dependability of our products is a direct result of our attention to detail, our skilled and experienced engineers, and over ten years of experience as a water pump supplier. Before production, we obtain high quality raw materials from only trusted providers. During production, we utilize high precision equipment. To illustrate, we have over two hundred CNC machine tools as well as automatic winding, binding, and forming equipment for stators. The use of automatic and semi-automatic equipment not only greatly improves our production efficiency, but it also reduces the probability of human error in the production of our jet pump, submersible pump, circulator pump, and other fine pumps. This enables us to achieve a large production capacity without sacrificing quality. In fact, we can produce 2,000 tons of castings per month, so we fill our clients' bulk orders quickly and efficiently. We can also offer customized solutions to suit each customer's special requirements.

In order to provide greater value for our customers, we at Stream focus on producing water pumps that will operate smoothly for years to come. One way we accomplish this is through our team of talented Italian technical engineers who continually work to improve product performance. Additionally, we use a computerized pump performance test system, three coordinate measuring instruments, spectrometer, and other testing equipment to ensure that each deep well pump, centrifugal pump, booster pump, and other superior products reach our clients in good working condition. Multiple laboratory tests also help to guarantee the consistency of our products.

Due to the high quality and performance of our irrigation water pumps, industrial pumps, sewage water pumps, and other great products, Stream products have been widely used in many domestic and overseas projects. We currently export our pump to many countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. We have easy access to Tianjin Port and other convenient transportation facilities. This allows us to reduce our clients' shipping charges and deliver our products quickly and economically.